Matt Allaby is a dance music producer/DJ from Manchester in the UK. His unique sound has been forged through his background in the acid house scene in the ‘MaDchester’ nineties and the years following where Matt played his part in the beginnings of the Northern psytrance scene. He was a resident dj and co-promoter of the ‘Sunrise’ party in Manchester from its creation in 1997. This became a launch pad for his studio work which first saw fruition on Spiral Trax in 2002…

Hailed by a well known trance critic/website as ‘One of the producers who will save psy trance’, from some of the monotonous, formula-driven music that has plagued the trance scene, Allaby deepens the experience on every dancefloor he touches, with his exclusive brand of immersive driving progressive.

With tracks released on top record labels including Nano, Spiral Trax, Twisted, Neurobiotic, Alchemy and Digital Structures, Allaby is also featured in John 00 Fleming’s Euphoria compilation, with his remix of the Egg’s ‘Angel of My Soul. Allaby has become a popular feature at large events such as Glade and Glastonbury (UK), Sonica (IT), Ozora (HU), Voov (DE), Taz (IL) and Kabbalah, Universo Parallelo (BR), Aurora (GR), Rainbow Serpent (AU).